Papanikolaou: «I’m honored by the Presidents’ decision»

Kostas Papanikolaou spoke to about the extension of his contract with Olympiacos and his expectations of the upcoming three years wearing the red jersey.

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Sloukas: «Let’s make the impossible possible once again!»

Kostas Sloukas returned to heart’s safe port and declares to be ready to … anchor in Piraeus after five years in a foreign land. He was never one to talk big and this not going to change. However, he promises that both he and his team mates are going to try to make the impossible possible for yet another time!

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Α.Harrison: «I want us to have an incredible season!»

Double, but not trouble! Aaron Harrison spoke to about his childhood, his twin brother Andrew (also a professional basketball player), the NBA, Galatasary and -of course- the new 'red' chapter in his career.

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Charles Jenkins: This is my story

Charles Jenkins, Olympiacos' new American guard, narrates his life course from New York to Piraeus for

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Spanoulis: «Thank you for the love and the trust»

On July 11, 2010, Vassilis Spanoulis signed his first contract with Olympiacos and today, ten years later, renewed – for yet one more time – his collaboration with the ‘reds’!

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