A state of the art gem at the ceiling of the SEF!

It’s a system that includes not just the four classing digital projection surfaces, but an upper and down ring, just like in the NBA. The image analysis is 4K and the dimensions of the main surfaces are 7.5m X 3.90m.

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Olympiacos BC announces the consensual termination of cooperation with coach David Blatt.

It is a difficult moment for everyone since we part ways with a great coach but most of all a wonderful person. We have had the honour to work with one of the biggest figures of world basketball and we have gained a lot from his presence in our team.

David Blatt has served the club consistenly, courageously and selflessly in a crucial moment for Olympiacos. He has supported our club on every single decision we had to make.

We would like to thank him for everything he has offered to the team and we wish him the very best from the bottom of our hearts both personally and professionally.


David Blatt’s statement: «After a long and respectful discussion between the owners and myself, our two parties have decided it’s in the best interest of both sides to part ways. My time in Greece with olympiacos has been meaningful and significant in many ways. I am very appreciative of the people and family I have found here. I have nothing but respect for the management, players, and staff that I have had the pleasure to work with and wish only the best for them».


Nikolaidis joins Olympiacos

Olympiacos BC will be adding the 17 year old guard Alexandros Nikolaidis to its manpower with a six year deal.

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Olympiacos BC confirms the burglarization of the Company's Headquarters at the Peace and Friendship Stadium and states that he has complete faith in the Greek Police to solve the case. 


Christidis becomes a ‘red’

Olympiacos BC has acquired Vassilis Christidis. The 21 year old center has agreed to a three-year deal with our team.

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Address: Peace & Friendship Stadium Ethnarchou Makariou 1 Avenue
GR-185 47 Neo Faliro - Piraeus
Telephone: 210 4527600
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Email: info@olympiacosbc.gr

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