Olympiacos fought hard but did not make it

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Olympiacos had the will, made a huge effort, had a goal and a plan, but did not manage to play the perfect game in order to beat a team as powerful as CSKA Moscow.

“Thrileon” returns to the Peace and Friendship Stadium!

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Olympiacos BC announces the return of the historical mascot at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

Dorsey debuts with an easy victory

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Olympiacos began the second round of the Greek League with a victory. With Joey Dorsey playing for the first time with the “red” shirt, the players under Dusan Ivkovic began the game rather numb, b...

Sales hit “red” at the Official Olympiacos BC Store!

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The official sales period starts tomorrow, January 16, 2012 and the Official Olympiacos BC Store offers all the team friends sales that really hit “red” starting from 20% and reaching 80% for all t...

Law dresses in “red”

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Olympiacos BC has reached an agreement with the basketball players Acie Law till the end of the season.

A victory at the end…

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The “reds” made their worst game this season against Ilysiakos in a game that was very much alike last season’s in the Peace and Friendship Stadium. It took the “reds” for their captain Vassilis Sp...

Dorsey comes to Piraeus

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Olympiacos BC reached an agreement with the basketball player Richard Elmer “Joey” Dorsey till the end of the season.

Great game in Kavala

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With only eleven players, since Spanoulis, Mantzaris, Papadopoulos and Katsivelis were left out due to injuries, Olympiacos won for the second time in a row away from home in 2012 and all the more ...

Beginning 2012 on the right foot

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A great victory for Olympiacos in the beginning of 2012 in a packed Nea Smirni gym against Panionios 80-69, a victory that kept them at the top of the ranking.

A victorious fair-well to 2011

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Olympiacos edged Peristeri 85-67 in a friendly game that was held Saturday afternoon at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

Olympiacos rivals for the TOP-16

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Olympiacos will be playing against CSKA Moscow, Efes Pilsen and Galatasaray for the Euroleague TOP-16

Done its part, but got the second place…

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Without its injured captain, Vassilis Spanoulis, the “reds” did their part in France and beat Nancy 74-79. Nevertheless, their victory did not bring the desired result which had been making the top...


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On Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 13.00 the opening of the OFFICIAL OLYMPIACOS BC STORE (the first thoroughly basketball oriented store for the Olympiacos fans) will be taking place.

“Red” birthdays…

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Olympiacos Bc announces the launch of the new program under the name “Red Birthdays”.

The 10 lucky season ticket winners

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On Saturday, November 5, Panagiotis Vassilopoulos was at the Official Olympiacos BC Store, where he signed dozens of autographs and was photographed together with the fans of our team.

Howard’s operation was a success

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The surgery performed on Matt Howard today (November 2) by the Olympiacos surgeon Dr. Giorgos Papagiannopoulos, was a complete success.

Howard on the surgical table

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Matt Howard will be following a specialized treatment, while his return to the courts is expected in about 20 days.

Three “reds” at the Official Olympiacos B.C. Store

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Just before the game against FB Ulker at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, Giorgos Printezis, Kyle Hines and Martynas Gecevicius paid a visit to the Official Olympiacos B.C. Store.

Αutographs at the Official Olympiacos B.C. Store

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On Wednesday, October 26, 2011 and at 17:00, Giorgos Printezis, Kyle Hines and Martynas Gecevicius will be at the Official Olympiacos B.C. Store (opposite from the Karaiskakis stadium) in order to ...

Olympiacos at Bilbao

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Olympiacos is in Spain. The “reds” play against Bilbao of Katsikaris, Vasileiadis and Mavroeidis for the Euroleague premiere.

It was the end of the '30s when the Olympiacos Basketball team was founded with players form the "Ionidio" School. Great personalities of Greek basketball wore the 'red' shirt, coaches wrote history, victories came and Olympiacos played a leading role inside and outside the Greek borders.
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