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Olympiacos' Museum

Olympiacos being always pioneer and the largest multi-athletic Club in Greece with a great number of distinctions has achieved a lot: National Championships, National Cups, European Championships and has contributed very much in the upgrading of Sports in Greece. However, the most important conquest, is the fans’ love and support, in every moment of its long-lasting journey.

Olympiacos on the 14th of May 2006 opens the doors of the Club’s Museum, through which, gives the opportunity to the "red and white" fans, to all fans, to all citizens to realize that the history is a pleasant and safe way to “travel” in the past, in the present and in the future. This history we ought to know, to honour, to transmit and safekeep it throughout the years.

The Museum of Olympiacos is a place where the visitor can learn about Olympiacos, its teams, its athletes and its people, the city-port of Piraeus, the Hellenic Football and Sports, as well as the history of Football and Sports.

The Museum of Olympiacos collects, documents, preserves, interprets, researches and transmits information and knowledge of the historical, cultural and the material nature of the Sports Club of Olympiacos, its sports, the Greek athletic history and the area of Piraeus. It aims to educate, entertain, communicate, inspire its visitors as well as to preserve, safe keep the richness of the Club and of the Hellenic Athletic History for the next generations. It is related and acts as a responsible collaborator of the Club and Society of Olympiacos.

The Museum of Olympiacos is hosted in the renewed Stadium George Karaiskakis and was designed and implemented with museological and scientific principles.