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"The team has concluded its additions; the roster is of very high level"

Just a few days before the new season officially starts for the Greek Champions, Giannis Sfairopoulos talks to for the premiere and the work ahead of the 'reds'…

"We are now at the final stretch, a few days before beginning the pre-season and we are going through the last details so that we are ready to work at the beginning of the season. Given the absence of the internationals, we take measures so that some players come and help us during pre-season. From that point on, the whole staff is ready to welcome all available players and we can all together begin our endeavor", the Olympiacos coach commented.

Coach Sfairopoulos also talked about the changes in the roster. "The team is going to have some changes in its roster either because we wanted to give a new dimension to some aspects of our game thus choosing some different players, or because some players preferred to continue with different teams. On our part, we enriched our roster with very skilled players who we want to incorporate in the existing roster and now what we want is to create a solid team through working together", the Greek coach commented and added: "The team has concluded its additions, the roster is of very high level, thanks to the strategically planned moves of the administration. Our goal is to keep relying on a Greek core which has been enriched with new Greek players. Of course, together with our Greeks we have two quality foreigners that continue with us and have been completely assimilated within our philosophy, while we have also signed four quality foreign players as well that are a perfect match to the existing roster. I'm confident that by working together we are going to create a strong team that will be able to deliver on our team's high level expectations".