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Bartzokas: «Maybe this game is good for us in the future»

Giorgos Bartzokas called the game against Peristeri a "learning experience".

"Unexpectedly for many but not for those who know about basketball, we had a game of great intensity, great suspence and was decided in the last play. It's one of those couple of games during the season that everything gets to happen at once, an opponent that plays an amazing game, despite missing players. Sometimes, when you miss key players, you feel the pressure lift. If I recall well, they were scoring in every attempt they were taking. So, it was only natural for the game to evolve the way it did.  We had quite a few players that probably thought we were going to walk our way through the game. And when you suddenly get to land in reality, you see that the opponent is also on the floor playing. You have to be playing for forty minutes to win when you play basketball. That's how we were forced to go to the last play and won with the pull up by Walkup. Peristeri deserves congratulating. I wish them all the best. We are now focusing on the next game. You always have things to be taught by every game, whether you have won or lost. Maybe Peristeri's performance and our reaction do us good in view of a future Greek League game".