Bartzokas: «Our mission is a tough one»

The ‘reds’ coach, Giorgos Bartzokas, got to highlight the quality of Olympiacos’ next opponent, none other than Real Madrid (08/10, 20.00 CET).

“Right now, Real Madrid may be the most ready team in Europe. This is due to the fact that their coach, who is a very good one, has been in their bench for years and they have a core that dates back many years, to which experienced players have been added. Except for depth, they have 15-16 very good players, that can keep playing up-tempo without getting tired, because anyone who comes on the floor is a very good player. So, they are a team that seems to be at a very good place right now. They proved it with the ease they beat Efes in the previous game, but also by the fact that they still haven’t lost a game in the season. It’s only obvious that we have a tough mission ahead and we need to execute our plan to the ‘t’ to win the game”.

On whether the result will be largely decided in the Fall-Tavares duel under the rim, he stressed: “I don’t see that playing out not even in the slightest. Basketball is a sport of co-operations and it is never than one player is solely responsible for anything. It’s a purely team sport. Nor Fall is going to be playing only when Tavares is also in the game. We don’t have that approach. What matters is that rebounding is certainly a big part of the game and it is well understood that we need to be working as a team in that area. In general, it’s a game that we need to pass the ball a lot. That’s the main thing”.

On his part, the French center, Mustafa Fall, pointed out: “We have been approaching this game just like any other Euroleague game. We are going to be trying to play as hard as we can and be really competitive. Real is a very good team, however, if we do what we need to be doing, we are going to have a chance at winning the game”.

On his duel with Tavares, he commented: “All battles in all positions have an impact on the game. It’s definitely that Real has big bodies, they also have Poirier. It’s going to be a real battle for me, but also for Hassan (martin) and all our big guys. Real has a full roster, so they are competitive in all positions anyways. We are going to have to fight as a team and do the best we can to win the game”.


It was the end of the '30s when the Olympiacos Basketball team was founded with players form the "Ionidio" School. Great personalities of Greek basketball wore the 'red' shirt, coaches wrote history, victories came and Olympiacos played a leading role inside and outside the Greek borders.

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