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The tickets for the Final Four

OLYMPIACOS BC, in view of the teams participation to the Euroleague Final Four in Istanbul and for the best service of the fans needs who wish to travel with team, announces the following:

Just like any other Final Four team, Olympiacos BC is going to receive 1,000 tickets. As it is fairly obvious, this number is not adequate to cover the requests made from many of our friends both from inside and outside Greece, who wish to attend the games live. Nevertheless, efforts are being made to acquire and dispense an additional number of tickets.

However, in order to fully register and evaluate all requests, Olympiacos BC is going to follow the standard procedure for the allocation of the tickets followed in previous Final Fours, aiming to the best possible disposition of the tickets to the fans. To that aim, the following are announced:

* Only season ticket holders for the 2011-12 season are eligible to buy tickets.
* Each season ticket holder who wants to apply for a ticket, is entitled to only one (1) ticket for the Istanbul Final Four.
•    Each applicant should submit an Application to buy a ticket for the Euroleague Final Four, which he can either download from the official web page of the team ( or/and from the offices of the Club.

•    The application can be filled in as follows:

1.    Electronically, through the official web page of the Club
Click here to fill in the application.
2.    By printing and faxing the application at 210 4527601.
3.    By phone, talking with the representatives of the Ticket Management of Olympiacos BC at 210 4527471, 210 4527473, 210 4527474.

•    The period to submit the applications starts on Wednesday, April 4 and will be completed on Wednesday, April 11, at 20:00 for everyone interested.

In case the applications to buy tickets exceed the available number of tickets (after covering for the needs of the Club, Sponsors, etc.), then the available tickets are going to be allocated according to the following criteria:

1.    Every Court Seat (Central & Baseline) season ticket holder is entitled to one ticket.
2.    Every VIP season ticket holder is entitled to one ticket.
3.    Every Executive A & B season ticket holder is entitled to one ticket, with multiple season holders having priority and of course provided there is still availability after the former categories’ needs are met.
4.    Every season ticket holder of the rest of the categories is entitled to one ticket, priority given to multiple season holders.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is absolutely necessary that any season ticket holder of any category to have submitted an application, properly filled in and within the time limits announced here, in order to have the right to purchase a ticket for the Euroleague Final Four. Any season ticket holder, even if within the categories entitled to receive tickets, has not submitted the proper application, will not be eligible to be included in the procedure of ticket allotment. Moreover, every application submitted is considered to be final and binding. This is so that order is secured and any possible problems are avoided.

Olympiacos BC aims to implement the best possible allocation program in view of the Euroleague Final Four. It also aims to reward all the loyal team fans who have been supporting the team in previous seasons and especially during this one. We fully understand that it will not be possible to satisfy the needs of all the team fans.

For security reasons and in order to protect the fans who are going to be getting the tickets or/and for reasons of better organizing the allotment of the tickets, OLYMPIACOS BC retains the exclusive right to proceed with any change or/and modification of the ticket allotment procedure in view of the Istanbul Final Four.

For any change or modification in the above described procedure, OLYMPIACOS BC will proceed with a relevant announcement.