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Two champions with the Red Drops

It’s not only the basketball team of Olympiacos that has been signing new blood; it’s also the Red Drops. Every year, the “reds” dance team gives its best on the floor, always having very high standards in its performances. The high class team can always get better and this is true every year with the incorporation of new athletic dancers each season.

One of the new members of the Red Drops is Sofia Mpaharidou, former rhythmic gymnastics champion in Greece with European accolades. However, she’s is not the only champion to have joined the team.

The explosive Maria Apostolides has represented Greece in the Athens Olympic games of 2004 as a member of the gymnastics ensemble national team, while she has also had much success on a national and European level.

Both of them have brought their skills to the Peace and Friendship Stadium and they are the leading personas in many of the Red Drops dancing routines as shown in the photographs that follow…

Apart though from being excellent dancers and athletes, they are also very good looking girls as evident from the official Red Drops photo shoot footage. Enjoy!