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New jerseys aiming to fresh success! (vid)

On Monday evening (25/09) the new Olympiacos ‘ kits for the 2023 – 24 season were revealed. The event took place in the revamped VIP room in the presence of the full team roster and the coaching staff.  

“By means of the presentation of the new jerseys, I would like to wish for good luck and health”, were the first comments made by Olympiacos’ coach, Giorgos Bartzokas. “We are going to do the best we can so that these jerseys are part of future photos and videos recording success. I like the new jerseys a lot, I hope they come together with big wins”.

The captain, Kostas Papanikolaou, stressed the following: “We are happy to in this room (i.e. VIP area). We hope it hosts beautiful moments in the near future. Our collaboration with GSA up to now can only be characterized as successful and also one that has brought good luck. We hope it stays that way and we bring fresh success to the club”.

On his part, the Sports Director or Olympiacos, Christos Bafes, commented the following: “We celebrate two things tonight. The opening of the new VIP area at the Peace and Friendship Stadium and at the same time, the renewal of our collaboration with GSA for the next three years. We thank them for supporting us. We have been working together for three years now. We got to celebrate two double crowns together, we made the final four together twice, we made the Euroleague final, we hope that during the next three years we get to celebrate the biggest title of all”.  

Finally, the founder and CEO of GSA, Gerasimos Papaspyratos, added: “It’s our great joy and honor to be presenting the new Olympiacos’ jerseys in this room for the very first time. They are a team we love a lot and we have proven so. They are a team we support and believe in. We are excited and wish them great success”.