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Gloria Cup winning premiere

Olympiacos began the games of the Gloria Cup with a victory, edging Anadolu Efes 79-73. Next game on Thursday (25/9, 18:00) against Unicaja Malaga.

Olympiacos began the games of the Gloria Cup with a victory, edging Anadolu Efes 79-73. Next game on Thursday (25/9, 18:00) against Unicaja Malaga.

Our team began the game well, especially in defense and managed to gain a 7-8 lead following five minutes into the game. Then the tempo went up and the first quarter ended 21-24 for the reds with Lojeski and Spanoulis doing a great job.

The reds lead 23-31 in the second quarter, but Anadolu Efes, with a partial 10-2 tied the game (33-33) at 15’. The reaction of the players of Giorgos Bartzokas was on the spot and the Piraeus team running a 10-0 streak led 33-43 at 17’ with half time ending 41-49 for our team.

The image of the first five minutes in the second half was the same with the finish of the first half and that the Piraeus team maintained the lead (51-58) at 25’. With a partial 7-2 the Turks closed in 58-60 at 28’ while a minute later Anadolu Efes took the lead 61-60, which is the score that closed the third quarter.

The game rhythm slowed down a lot from amidst the third quarter and the many turnovers by the two teams continued into the first four minutes of the last quarter. Spanoulis and Lafayette with continuous scoring closed in 68-65, 04:50’’ before the end of the game. Then Spanoulis tied the game 68-68 at 36’. The streak of the reds was 8-0 to mark the score 68-71 following a three by Lafayette. Our team, playing very good defense succeeded in getting a six points lead 971-77) at 39’ showing amazing reaction to the Anadolu’s performance and thus Olympiacos reached the final victory with 73-79.

The quarters: 21-24, 41-49, 61-60, 73-79.

Anadolu Efes (Ivkovic): Balbay 4, Osman 17, Perperoglou 3, Saric 10 (1), Draper 10 (2), Lasme 2 (9reb), Korkmaz 13 (3), Janning 2 (4as), Bjelica 12.
Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Petway  4 (4reb), Hunter 4 (4reb),Danston 13 (3reb), Spanoulis 14 (1 3p, 7as), Sloukas 14 (3), Christodoulou, Printezis 4, Lojeski 20 (3 3p, 6 reb), Agravanis, Mantzaris (3reb, 1as), Lafayette 6 (2 3p, 4as).

* Giorgos Printezis did not play the largest part of the second half due to a problem with his lower back.

GIORGOS BARTZOKAS:  “This was the fourth friendly game for us, but the strongest one as well. Obviously none of the two teams is ready yet. We have had two serious injuries up to now both in the ‘3’ position and we have to find solutions. The victory is not important, what’s important that we reacted well in both ends of the court. I wish good luck to Efes and health for everyone”.

ANDREAS CHRISTODOULOU: “We played our first strong friendly tonight and had some good moments, but also some wrong choices in both defense and offense which we have to work on during the upcoming practices”.

DUSAN IVKOVIC:  “Tonight was one really strong friendly game. I think Olympiacos deserved the victory being better, especially in the first half. We are a new team and have a long way ahead of us”.