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Just three points short to 100…

Olympiacos was impressive for three quarters against Rethymno and despite relaxing in the fourth, reached an easy victory 97 – 82.

Olympiacos was impressive for three quarters against Rethymno and despite relaxing in the fourth, reached an easy victory 97 – 82.

The “reds” were not influenced at all by the way the lost in Istanbul on Thursday and playing with a lot of energy from the beginning, set a solid foundation from the beginning to reach a comfortable win.

Antic and Papanikolaou were the ones to originally show their team mates the way and then it was everyone that added what was needed to increase the lead at the end of the first half. If only there were less turnovers been made, then Olympiacos could have reached an even greater score.

The Pireaus team continued completely controlling the game into the third quarter, showing however the first signs of relaxation. With the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Cretan closed to 11 points, never making though the hosts worry about the outcome.

The quarters: 31-21,50-33, 70-49, 97-82
Οlympiacos (Ιvkovic): Hines 8 (8reb.), Law 6 (1 3p.), Αntic 12 (1 3p., 11reb.), Dorsey 6 (10reb.), Pelekanos 2, Gecevicius 14 (4 3p.), Glyniadakis 2, Printezis 12, Papanikolaou 13 (1 3p.), Μantzaris 6 (1 3p.), Sloukas 11 (2 3p.), Spanoulis 5 (1 3p.)
AGOR (Κoufos): Christmas 41 (8 3p,), Motsenigos 2, Papanikolaou 5 , Wright 8 (7reb.), Tsochlas, Kallinikides 2, Dorkofikis 3 (1 3p.), Johnson 2, Latovic, Pettway 16 (3 3p.), Dedas, Katsares 3.

DUSAN IVKOVIC: «We played a game against an opponent that plays a very unique style of play and aims to totally offensive tactics. They make a lot of shots, carries the ball a lot and we had to react somehow. Mainly on one-on-one, where we played a rather good game. We relaxed in the fourth quarter and received 33 points, as many as we received in the whole of the first half. The game resembled more of a friendly one at some parts. We have many important and crucial games ahead and we also need to adjust our two new players within our playing style. I like the basketball style Rethymno advocates”.

ΚOSTAS PAPANIKOLAOU:  «Congratulations to Rethymno for their team and their effort. We came focused into the game and we did a good job for some parts of the game, with the exception of the turnovers. WE relaxed more than we should have in the fourth quarter, let our opponent play the style they like and close the difference. Now, we have to concentrate as to how to last into our game and decrease dead periods. We now have the game against Efes, which is crucial for us”.

STERGIOS KOUFOS: «We had a … quiet evening that gave us experience. We need to try and give minutes to players that don’t usually play a lot. We want to give young kids a chance. I think that Olympiacos managed to rest in this game. I wish that Sloukas had made the shot at overtime and Olympiacos had come back from Turkey with the victory” the Cretan team coach commented and added: “We did not have energy in the first half and played a static and passive game. Olympiacos scored 20 points from secondary offenses and this is characteristic of the game. We played better at overtime and offered a good show at times, which we really want to do and will try to do till the end of the season”