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Easy victory

Olympiacos met no resistance against Panelefsiniakos edging them 94-64 for the 22nd day of the Greek League.

Olympiacos met no resistance against Panelefsiniakos edging them 94-64 for the 22nd day of the Greek League.

Except for the first quarter, when Olympiacos faced some difficulty, the ‘reds’ maintained complete control of the match and played a solid and spectacular game. The first quarter ended 20-17, but also in the second quarter, through defense, the ‘reds’ found offensive rhythm and half time was 44-32.
In the third quarter, Giorgos Bartzokas got to try different faces and rotations with the margin always getting wider and the quarter closing at 72-47. The Piraeus team finished the game always stepping on the gas pedal and reached a comfortable 94-64 victory.

Τhe quarters: 20-17, 44-32, 72-47, 94-64
Οlympiacos (Bartzokas):  Petway 4, Dunston 13, Christodoulou 3 (1), Papapetrou 17 (2), Sloukas 10 (1), Collins 2, Simmons 7, Lojeski 12, Agravanis 6, Mantzaris 9, Kavvadas 8, Katsivelis 3.
Panelefsiniakos (Skarafigkas): Nikou 2, Papamakarios 7 (1), Kyles 14 (2), Jones 7, Magkounis, Faye 14 (2), Fisher 5 (1), Melissaratos 2, Turner 3, Ouzas 5 (1), Mantzaris5, Avramidis.

GIORGOS BARTZOKAS: “Reaching the end of the season, we only have critical games to play. Even tonight’s one was important to us, not ranking wise, but in view of our preparing. Elefsina played good defense in the first half and made it more difficult for us presenting situations that we had wanted to face. The score opened up in the second half, we passed 21 assists, showed will to play as a team and I think that we succeeded in playing a solid and spectacular game”.

GIORGOS SKARAFIGKAS: “It was a pleasant break for us and a test for the upcoming tough games that we have to face. We played better in the first half, but the game opened up in the second one. I wish Olympiacos all the best and I hope they win in Malaga coming Thursday”.

DIMITRIS AGRAVANIS: “It was a League game that we had to win being Olympiacos. We began the game focused and serious, we had energy and we now have to prepare for a very difficult game against Unicaja”.

ROKAS OUZAS: “It was a good game, we played well especially in the first half, but we made some stupid mistakes in the second half, defensive mistakes that Olympiacos took advantage of and got the victory”.