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With ease against Ikaros Chalkidas

Olympiacos has had no problems against Ikaros Chalkida (87-64) in a game for the 16th round of the A1 League.

Olympiacos has had no problems against Ikaros Chalkida (87-64) in a game for the 16th round of the A1 League.

The game started with the European Champions imposing the rhythm and with an excellent offensive performance by Mat Lojeski. With 11 points by the American-Belgian forward Olympiacos succeeded in leading 19-24 in the first quarter.

The outlook of the game did not change in the second quarter either, the ‘reds’ were controlling the situation, Dunston and Sloukas were assisting Mat Lojeski in the offense but some defensive mistakes allowed Ikaros cut back on the difference and half-time ended 38-41.

Olympiacos played a great defensive game in the third quarter, kept Ikaros at eight points, scored 17 at the same time and thus the difference for the first time reached two digit numbers (46-58).

Στο τελευταίο δεκάλεπτο ο Ολυμπιακός ήταν απολαυστικός επιθετικά. Κόλινς και Μουν προσέφεραν ουσία και θέαμα με τη διαφορά να πηγαίνει πάνω από τους 20. Παπαπέτρου και Καββαδάς πήραν χρόνο συμμετοχής και τελικά το ματς έληξε με τον Ολυμπιακό να φτάνει στη νίκη με 64-87.

The reds were really great in offense in the last quarter. Collins and Moon presented a show with substance and the difference climbed above 20 points. Papapetrou and Kavvadas got minutes and the game ended with Olympiacos winning 64-87.

The quarters: 19-24, 38-41, 46-58, 64-87
Ikaros Chalkida (Lykogiannis): Strnad, Govens 5 (1), Aska 14, Sutton 15, Gagaloudis 15 (2), Spanos 1, Toliopoulos, Vagioukas, Masic 3, Richards 11 (2), Bebis.
Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Moon 10, Dunston 13, Spanoulis 10 (1), Perperoglou, Papapetrou 2, Sloukas 14 (3), Collins 10 (1), Lojeski 17 (3), Begic 5, Printezis 4, Mantzaris, Kavvadas 2.

ARIS LYKOGIANNIS: “Congratulations to the coach and Olympiacos on the victory. We stayed with our plan on both ends of the court for a half time and thus remained close to the score. However, three things that happened in the second half turned the situation for us, Manolopoulos getting unable to play, which had close the rotation bringing fatigue that led to loss of concentration in defense and giving easy points to Olympiacos. Perperoglou Perperoglou really hurt us although the stats don’t reveal so. I won’t be saying that the game against Elefsina is a final; it’s rather one of the many finals we’ll have to play till the end to save the category. We’ll be signing some new perimeter players as well”.

GIORGOS BARTZOKAS “What I have to comment on is the amazing atmosphere in the gym. It’s great to have games played in such kind of atmospheres. We would like to dedicate this victory to the victims of Gate 7 as a minimum tribute of honor.

It’s the least we can do for all those people who lost their lives so tragically. As far as the game is concerned, Ikaros is a team with athletic tall players who gave us a hard time especially in the first half, stole balls, run the fast break and scored easy baskets. We played better defense in the second half though, aimed for their weak spots and won. It’s tough always keeping a fresh team. All teams that play the Euroleague TOP-16 wear down both physically and mentally. As far as Collins and Moon are concerned, I’m very happy with both of them. Moon needs to adjust to the European regulations, since it’s his first time he plays outside of the US. However, he’s a very well structured character and a very good player that helps us a lot. You cannot program when a team is going to be at top shape, whoever thinks that is mistaken. I think that all teams that succeed something major at the end have gone through crisis management within the season. That’s what we did last year. If get through these situations then you can make it, if not you may encounter hardship and surprises at the end”.  

MATT LOJESKI: “Both teams played very well. We changed our defensive game in the second half, took the lead and finally won”.

ALEX VOUGIOUKAS: “I would like to sincerely thank our fans that showed their huge support and create a great atmosphere here in Chalkida. We played good in the first half but Olympiacos has a class difference, improved its performance and won”.