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Victory due to superb defensive game in Rethymno

Olympiacos bested Rethymno on the road 64-54 in a game for the 6th day of the SKRATS Basket League.

Olympiacos bested Rethymno on the road 64-54 in a game for the 6th day of the SKRATS Basket League.

Our team began the game exceptionally well and succeeded in leading 0-15 04:42'' into the first quarter. The hosts closed in 11-15, but with a new 0-4 run Olympiacos shaped the 11-19 score of the first quarter.

In the second quarter poor shooting percentages from behind the three line cost the 'reds' and hence Rethymno took advantage of the fact and closed in 27-29 at the end of half time with a three by Allen at the buzzer. With continuous points by Spanoulis and Petway at the beginning of the third quarter our team took a +5 lead (35-40). The 'reds' playing very good in defense during the initial four minutes of the third quarter, managed to find solutions in the offense as well and thus were leading 42-48', but the third quarter ended 49-50 following a 7-2 run by the hosts.

In the last quarter the 'reds' defense got event tighter. Olympiacos received only five points during the first eight minutes of the last quarter and with a partial 4-11 shaped the score at 54-61 at 38' having Petway, Spanoulis, Mantzaris and Lafayette in the leading roles. Olympiacos managed to receive only five points in the whole of the last quarter and thus sealed a 54-64 victory.

The quarters: 11-19, 27-29, 49-50, 54-64.

Rethymno (Skourtopoulos): Simpson 10 (1), Schizas, Koumpouras 4, Council 16, Allen 7 (1), Kalampokis, Faye 7, Sinis, Chilaris 2, Kravic 4, Alihodzic 4.
Olympiacos (Tomic): Petway 4 (7reb, 4bl, 2st), Hunter 6 (4reb), Dunston 11 (3bl), Spanoulis 8 (1), Darden 4, Sloukas 5 (1 3p, 4as), Lafayette 11 (2 3p, 3reb), Agravanis 6, Mantzaris 9 (1 3p, 7reb, 6as).

MILAN TOMIC: "We started out well and run a 15-0 streak, but then we relaxed and did not play well. We received quite a few easy points, especially in the transition. However, we only received 54 points as a total. We played good defense for one more game, we had some bad choices in the offense, Rethymno got back in the game, but our solid defensive game at the end gave us the victory".

BRENT PETWAY:  "It was a tough game for us today. It's always tough to play against Rethymno because their style of play if not easy to match up, they have many talented players in regard to the offense and it's not easy at all to guard them. Nevetheless, we played good defense, kept them at low scoring levels and got the win".

BRYANT DUNSTON:  "It was a good test for us, we did not retain necessary focus at several points in the game, but we reacted well when it was important, played the kind of defense we wanted, especially in the last quarter and won".

*Tremmell Darden played against Rethymno with a fever.

*Οthello Hunter was nauseous before the game. The American center had to have an injection before the game in order to be able to play.

*Kostas Sloukas is returning from Crete with three stitches in his left cheek.