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Toliopoulos anchors at Piraeus

Olympiacos BC signs with Vassilis Toliopoulos for the following four seasons.

Τhe who is who of Vassilis Toliopoulos
Date of birth: 15/06/1996
Place of birth:  Αθήνα
Height: 1.88
Former teams: Kolossos Rhodes (2014-2015)

His stats for the Basket League SKRATS with Kolossos Rhodes for the 2014-15 season.

G.   P. T. 2p. 3p. 1p. Off.R. D.R. Reb. As. St.     Bl.
24   2.7     8:50      16/38     8/25            9/11         0.3      0.6       0.9     0.7    0.3      -

“It’s unbelievable to be next to my idol”

Moments after signing his new contract, Vassilis Toliopoulos made his first statements as a ‘red’ for the official team web page: “I’m very happy to have joined one of the best teams in Europe. I know which shirt I’ll be wearing and how big this challenge is for me. I’ll be doing whatever the coach is asking me to do and try to find my role in the team so as to cope with Olympiacos’ great expectations” the Olympiacos’ international guard commented and added: “I’m not intimidated by this challenge. I’m excited by the fact that I’ll be next to such great players. It’s also unbelievable that I’ll be sharing the same locker rooms with Vassilis Spanoulis, who is my role model. I’m really excited for the pre-season to start and through hard work to be able to say thanks to the administration and to the coach for bringing me to the team”.