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For high level performances in basketball as well!

Total Ηellas and Olympiacos BC have renewed their co-operation for one more season following their successful collaboration in the 2013-14 season.

The TOΤΑL group, one of the largest energy groups in the world, remains dedicated to supporting sports for many decades now. The vision and values of TOTAL are absolutely intertwined with sports and fair play. It continues supporting Olympiacos this year as well, one of the biggest clubs in the world, with the series of TOTAL Quartz products.

The TOTAL Quartz line of lubricants is especially designed for passenger car motors, according to the specifics provided by the biggest manufacturers and the strictest directives for environmental protection. For years, they are the main sponsor of the biggest teams and drivers of motor sports. In Greece, for one more year, continues to support one of the top clubs of world basketball aiming to reach together to the top.

TOTAL Hellas, in collaboration with Olympiacos BC promises as season with many surprises for the team fans, as well for the loyal customers of TOTAL.