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1961-1990: The golden generation and the tough years

A few years after winning the 1960 Championship title, the 'reds' were demoted to the A2 category and Fedon Mathaiou took over the team bench late '60s. Olympiacos returned to the big category soon after. With the support of the President Nikos Goulandris, a team that was challenging titles was created based on a "golden" generation of Greek-American players (Giatzoglou, Kastrinakis, Melini, Diakoulas).

With the "Patriarch" of Greek basketball in its bench, Olympiacos won the 1976 championship, while two years later, this time with Kostas Mourouzis on the steering wheel, the fourth championship title becomes a reality.

In 1978, Olympiacos makes the final 6 of the Champions Cup. it was the peak moment for this team that won four more Greek Cups. Three in a row from 1976 when the competition was estblished through 1978 and one more in 1980.

Players of the likes of Giatzoglou, Kastrinakis, Diakoulas, Melini, Katsafados, rammos, Spanos, Barlas and Kokorogiannis made history with the Laurel bearing Teen emblem on the chest.

The '80s brought both a lot of joy but sorrow as well.

Olympiacos did not succeed in creating a team that could go after titles, but was tried with a lot of dignity to build something good with the support of captain Argyris Kampouris, Giannis Paragios, Jimmy Maniatis, Alexis Christodoulou and American players like Mitchell and Blackwell.