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One Team wishes you a great summer! (pics)

One Team is on vacation! We met up only a few days ago, with lots of joy and excitement for the last training of the 2021-22 season. The program was -as always – entertaining and educational at the same time, while we renew our appointment for next season just before we said our goodbyes!

More specifically, the activities of the last day included:

  • Delivering sporting equipment to the 1st Special Elementary School of St. Demetrius, bought with money gathered through the sale of Social Products through the Official Store.
  • Games of memory, balance, relay, as well as conversations about avoiding the harmful impact of our exposure in the sun and the benefits of a proper summer nutrition.
  • Gifts for all our athletes (summer totes including  OlympiacosBC accessories)!
  • The school students watching the League game between Olympiacos and Promitheas Patras.

On behalf of the ONE TEAM, we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Panagiotis Gasparatos and his team for his amazing volunteer contribution in terms of the transportation of the girls of the EXELIXI ZOIS (“LIFE EVOLUTION”) organization,  so that they would not miss a singe practice session!