Milan Tomic with the kids…

The 1st Olympiacos Academy Summer Camp continued with Milan Tomic as today’s guest of honor.

Τhe man who has connected his name as only a few others have done so with the Olympiacos team, spoke to the young athletes about the secrets of the orange … goddess and answered many questions both on his experiences as player and a coach.   

“It’s very important for all teams to give as much importance as possible to the kids. I don’t know if great athletes can evolve through these camps, but all kids here will become better people”, Milan Tomic stressed in regard to the project taking place in the Peace and Friendship Stadium, while he said to be impressed by both the presence of the kids in the camp and especially from a kid from Kozani!

The former “red and white” captain said to the kids: “You have to love basketball, I know you have very limited time, but you always have to find some. You should be playing in open courts and not just sit in front of the TV playing video games”.

The young athletes asked Milan Tomic about his childhood, about how he got involved with basketball, his encounter with Michael Jordan and many more…

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