24'' with Aleksej Pokusevski

Aleksej Pokusevski beat the 24'' buzzer set by www.olympiacosbc.gr ! Meet the young guard of our team through 24 personal questions.

 1'' You started playing basketball because...
 «Of my father who was also playing basketball… When I was about six, he gave me a ball and it started everything».

2'' Who was your role model?
 «Kobe Bryant»

3'' Weren't you playing professional basketball, what would you like to be doing?

«Being a doctor»

4'' Favorite movie/TV show


5'' What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
 «I take my phone and check my messages ».

6'' What's the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
«I cross myself».

7'' If you were to write your autobiography, how would you title it?
 «I honestly don't know...».

8'' What would you change about your character and why?

9'' If you could turn back the time, what would you be changing and why?
 «Also nothing! I wouldn't want to change anything».

10'' What do you think others can't stand with you?
 «That I'm very relaxed».

11'' What is it that you can't stand on other people?

12'' What's the greatest mischief you made as a kid?
 «I had cut all the wiring in the house. TV, phone, wifi, everything!».

13'' Were you invited to travel in space, would you do it or you would be afraid?
 «No, I would be afraid».

14'' What's your greatest fear?

15'' Have you felt betrayed in your career or suffered from unfair competition? «Up to now, no».

16'' Should you be able to possess supernatural powers, what would these be and why?
 «I would like to be like Superman and travel anywhere I would like without using a passport ».

17'' Do you have a nickname?
 «People call me Poku»

18'' What's your wildest dream?
«My wildest dream is not going to come true. It's parachuting off a plane, which I'm never going to do due to my fear of heights».

19'' Have you ever been jealous of a teammate's or opponent's skills? And why? «No».

20'' If you were given one million euro and told you that you could spend it on anything you want, what would you do?
«I would be giving it all to my grandfather to repair his house at our village and take care of all his pending matters ».

21'' What's you favorite destination?
 «Cuba! I hope to be able to go there this summer ».

22'' What it is you never part with?
«My cell phone».

23'' Tell us a song that had stuck with you for a long time.
 «Valto terma (i.e. Greek song)».

24'' Dog, cat or any other pet?

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