One Team: The cooperations with the EVOLUTION OF LIFE

The ONE TEAM family has grown! One more team is included in the Corporate Responsibility Program of Olympiacos and the EUROLEAGUE, which was created in co-operation with Non - Profit organization for the EVOLUTION OF LIFE!

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One Team: Cutting the New Year’s pie (pics + vid)

Following a hard but totally entertaining practice that had a lot to teach, under the instructions of the Olympiacos’ ambassadors in the Euroleague’s ONE TEAM program, Kostas Papanikolaou and Sasha Vezenkov, our athletes got to cut the traditional New Year’s pie, in the presence of two more ‘reds’!

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Let the celebrations begin! (pics)

The “ties” among the ONE Team members are unique! However, during their latest practice the literal tying of the shoes of all those who participated was something special!

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One Team: Santa-Brandon with gifts! (pics+vid)

The Christmas practice (also the last one for 2019) of ΟΝΕ ΤΕΑΜ had it all! Games, joy, learning, Christmas elves and a surprise appearance ... That one by Brandon Paul dressed as Santa!

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A refreshed One Team! (pics + vid)

The One Team family has grown! Kids between the ages of 11 and 17 participate this season’s program by Olympiacos BC, in collaboration with the Euroleague, aiming to combine entertainment with learning through practice and interactive games.

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